Food Bank collection points

Food Bank collection points

Both the SU and the multi-faith chaplaincy run food banks that provide food for students that are in need.

This suggestion proposes that there is an easily accessible, prominent and well-advertised collection point/s available in the Students' Union (possibly at Reception) for students and staff to be able to easily make food donations to the food bank.

Work should be done to ensure that students are aware of this collection point and are able to donate food via the collection point as easily as possible- to this end social media, email advertising and signage in the Union building should highlight the existence of the collection point once established.

The SU should also liaise with the chaplaincy to assess whether separately run food banks are desirable, or whether pooling resources together might be more beneficial for those students accessing their services.

Submitted by Bradley Allsop

Student Leader Feedback

Sammi Storey, President

Sammi Storey


I am working with our advice centre and marketing team to raise the profile of the food bank as we already have one. Messages have been sent to all staff to encourage them to donate and Rachal, our Advice Centre manager, is going to talk to the Chaplaincy to see how they can get involved. The donation point is in the Advice Centre and we are looking in to ways we can increase awareness that it is there and that students can access it, should they need it. Also we are looking at ways that students and staff could donate money to buy food to make it easier for people to contribute to.

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Naomi Rubinstein

Main building atrium would be another good spot

Su reception is good plan

Nicola Harrison

This is great with ever increasing costs and cuts to loans and funding streams. We need more awareness of this and other support people can get whilst studying.

Calum Watt

Good idea.

Ashleigh Ripley


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Sammi Storey

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