Create a page on the SU website listing society run events.

Create a page on the SU website listing society run events.

A page listing events run by societies within the SU would give people information on what is happening around the university that they can take part in. I am not asking for every event/social/meeting within the societies to be put on the page (as these are events for members within the society), but rather events that are run by the societies for the public. A good example of such an event would be the Comedy Society gigs in the platform (as these are open to everyone and have free entry) but there are many more society run events that a lot of people (including myself probably) do not know about, and it would be great if the SU could provide a page where all events like this are easily shown to the general public of the University. This suggestion would be easy to implement and is something that would benefit a lot of societies trying to engage more with the community, possibly increasing members for societies and allow the average student to know all about what is available to them!

Submitted by David Bruce

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Cassie  Coakley, Vice President Activities

Cassie Coakley

Vice President Activities,

This again has been brought to our attention and is now with our marketing team to design how it will work.

Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


On the Union website - society and sporting events will be incorporated into a calendar of events where students will be able to see events by other Societies and teams. This work is ongoing.

Luke Exton, Vice President Activities

Luke Exton

Vice President Activities,

This will be incorporated into the new design website

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