Move careers back out of the library

Move careers back out of the library

In a survey previously run by the SU, the biggest concern by students was lack of space in the library. This year, returning students have found that the careers service have moved from their hub in the SU area to the ground floor group space in the library.

This removes valuable study space from an ever-growing student population, especially this year with the biggest intake of students both under and postgraduate in university history (so we were told)

I, and others, feel the study space should be reinstated until the library expansion is completed and then a reconfiguration of the services can be put into place.

Submitted by Aidan Waples

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Alex Slater

Agree with this, there's now very little social space in the library, I'm not one for silent study, so the library is increasingly pointless to me

Lauren Jepson

yes yes and yes!! We need that space back on the right as you come in as well as the seminar room upstairs! There is a squeeze for everyone to get in at the minute and it's not even exam season, can't bear to think what it will be like come April time!

Matthew Denton

I agree. The library needs all the study space it can get especially coming up to busy times like January exams, computers can often be hard to come by at peak times and with the loss of the space on the ground floor this problem will only worsen. I know the careers service is under-used but shoving it in the library won't help that, we need the library for study space to support students that way