Reading lists should be uploaded to blackboard a month in advance

Reading lists should be uploaded to blackboard a month in advance

I'm sure there's a reason why this doesn't happen already, but honestly some people really need the extra time to filter through the reading lists before they get to a lecture or seminar meeting. Some people are slow readers and find studying these more complicated readings difficult. While reading every week is good practice for time management, there really should be an option to be able to start early and get ahead. This would give them more time to read generally around the subjects brought up in essential readings and therefore will be able to progress further in their studies.

Just an idea. And something that will definitely help me in the future if this happens.


Submitted by Tiffany Collyer

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Tommy George, Vice President Academic Affairs

Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs,

Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development and University Librarian has agreed with Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Sue Rigby that he will produce a Reading Strategy, which will include the use of all Reading Lists that will require them to be available from the start of the academic year. This will go to the Education and Student Life Committee in January, in place for Start of the next academic year, and possibly for the final term of this year. As an interim measure, we will see that the current guidance on university reading lists is updated to encourage the earliest availability of the lists.

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Cameron Dobson

Would be very helpful

Jessica Neilson

I would like this to happen! Having dyslexia it takes me a lot longer to read. Having it in advance would be very helpful and let me get ahead. Also something do during our 3 months off!

Mateusz Wywrocki

I wish I could add this, but as an idea, I wouldn't mind lecture slides being uploaded to blackboard early too. This is so that people can take notes and summarise what's going to come up in the lecture, and therefore when they get to the lecture, they can focus on what's being said instead of taking notes of just the slides.

This wouldn't be an alternative for going to the lecture. Thoughts?

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Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs
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