Get a printer on 4th Floor Studio in West side of AAD

Get a printer on 4th Floor Studio in West side of AAD

Allow a printer to be put into the west side 4th floor of AAD. Every other floor has a printer however we do not have one - before it was not allowed due to it just being one course however now a whole school is based there without a printer on the same floor, thanks :)

Submitted by Molly Harper

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Tommy George, Vice President Academic Affairs

Tommy George

Vice President Academic Affairs,

After discussions with Drew Cook, Director of ICT and Mark Pattrick, Systems Manager, a colour printer will be installed on the 4th floor of AAD West before the end of term!

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Demi Mccoid

This would make productivity of our course much more simple and effective. We print ever day, and revise our work so many times i could actually make a 10,000 page book of scrap work. The ink is always low in the other printers and usually there is a cue. There is so many architecture students and this really would help us be more productive!

William Dobie

Having a centralised printing room was useful two years ago - moving them all to do different floors and leaving us without one on the 4th makes printing especially difficult as the 3rd floor printer is usually occupied / broken resulting is having to travel all the way to the east side mac suite. During assessments when we all need the printer is extremely stressful. Please give us a printer.

Tabassum Din

Having a printer and plotter on the 4th floor of the AAD West building would make life so much easier as having to travel all the way to the East side of the building just to print on the plotter is a nightmare, especially when the pressure of deadlines is on and the queues are big. With the printers there are always huge queues, which wastes time.

Luke Parkhurst

There is never enough availability for printing in regards to architecture students at the end of the year. Many of us have to print considerable quantities of work at the same time, another printer will reduce the stress on this.

Alistair Kershaw

It would increase productivity and naturally their would be less cues with other printers on other floors

Heidi Ford

Absolutely essential in delivering effective, efficient and fair printing service for all students in the building. Currently the building is poorly resourced. As such, individual printers are over worked causing costly maintenance and requiring students to print privately at local firms. Last year I spent over £150 in printing costs because the printers were all broken in the building!

Rose Merritt

Great idea. With regular monthly crits between 1st-3rd year, I regularly have to trek over to the east side of the building in order to print around stressful hand in times, made even more stressful from the lack of printers. A printer would not only make work times more productive by not having to go to other floors to print but also useful around these crit times.

Tiffany Worrall

This would really be appreciated and save both time and stress for us architecture students as having to travel across buildings or campus to print wastes time and we never know how good the other printers are going to be.

Tiffany Collyer

How'd this only just get through and already have 50 votes? ???????????? suspicious.

I voted up anyhow!

Kudzai Muzangaza

This is really great to see because clearly there is a need to rectify this situation. Also the fact that this has got the amount of votes it has done in 48 hours just goes to show that we can really do a lot through SUggestions!

Kieren Buckland

i have tried printing a single page of work to show my tutor to find that the 3rd floor printer is broken, can only scan, the second floor printer has no paper, and no paper to be found, so i had to use the ground floor printer, supposedly only for staff!
please please can we have a printer in the 4th floor studio, with a storage space full of paper and ink for that specific printer!
thank you

Jessica Lawton

Today two of the printers were either out of paper or not working. I had to send the same pieces of work twice before managing to print them on the ground floor. This happens too often and meant I was charged twice and in a rush to my studio session after running between floors multiple times to both computer and printer. A printer on the 4th floor would make this process much easier.

Nisali Nanayakkara

Yes! For sure! It'll be of great help

Lauren Pincher

We use the printer every day and have to print stuff for our crits all the time and without one there's now a huge stressful rush. Please.

Abbey Donnelly


Sally Littlewood


Jemma Grigson

This is very important to my house mate. She works very hard as an architecture student and having this printer would increase her productivity and save her a lot of time.

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Vice President Academic Affairs
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