More Gender Neutral Bathrooms at the University of Lincoln

More Gender Neutral Bathrooms at the University of Lincoln

1. We will lobby the University to make gender neutral toilets/bathrooms in all future new buildings.
2. We will lobby the University to change some existing toilets/bathrooms to gender neutral toilets/bathrooms - not just disabled toilets.
3. We would like the SU to educate its members and staff towards current/best guidelines on the use of gender neutral bathrooms and potential uprisings and how to address this. We would like the University staff to do the same.

Submitted by Samantha Odonnell

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Connor Delany, Vice President Welfare & Community

Connor Delany

Vice President Welfare & Community,

Update 26/09/17 We have been talking to the Director of Estates and the results of those discussions are that all accessible toilets will be repurposed as gender neutral toilets, whilst all new builds will include the provision of multiple single cubical genderless toilets.

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Samantha Odonnell

This is a very big step forward in achieving equality for Trans & Non-binary students & staff alike. All we want to do is use the toilet/bathroom/changing room, without the fears and sometimes more real threats to our own health & well-being. The aim is to provide a more inclusive safe environment for all (as per the Universities policies) After all, we all have a gender-neutral bathroom at home!

Alex Bestwick

I think this is an incredible idea and Im 100% behind it as an idea. If you want or need any help with this then I am happy to help in any way possible!!

Samantha Odonnell

This can also have a far wider reaching effect on sports teams, particularly in including more Trans & Non-Binary people to take up sports, and feel like part of the team.

Samantha Odonnell

Thank you Alex B 8-)

Nicola Harrison

This is a great step forward for the university and the work of the lgbt+ community.
I support this and trans inclusion 100%

Bethany Pridding

Is this as well as male and female or replacing them? I do support it, but would personally prefer to use a female only bathroom for myself.

Samantha Odonnell

It will be for just new buildings initially, obviously we are aware of concerns anyone may have, so trying to blanket-change existing bathrooms will be a longer more thought out process as this isn't a straight forward issue. If I want to use the loo, I have to go off campus completely just to avoid any bad situations arising 8-) We are placing a big emphasis on the educational element too.

Beatriz De Arcos Marin

I believe this is an excellent idea

Shaeleigh MacKenzie

It's essential for us as humanity to be 100% accepting of everybody regardless of their sex/gender identity.

Lauren Jepson

I agree with Bethany P. I support gender neutral toilets but as an addition to the current male and female toilets. Personally I'd prefer to use a female only toilet.

Jemma Thwaytes

I support the idea but believe it should it should be an addition, rather than a replacement. I would personally prefer to use a female only toilet.

James Hayward

Are these going to be additional communal rooms or individual small bathrooms (a bit smaller than the wetrooms in courts)? Having a third communal bathroom seems like it'll just take up too much space. Small individual unisex bathrooms can be made to be fairly space efficient. Replacing perfectly good bathrooms that exist does sound like a waste of money though.

Samantha Odonnell

The intention is to create individual toilet/bathroom areas, such as the ones found in places like Costa Coffee. Similar to current disabled rooms, but smaller.

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