All drinks to be served in plastic cups

All drinks to be served in plastic cups

To have all drinks served in plastic cups at Quack and such events.

Serving drinks in the plastic cups will not only reduce the risk of bottles being thrown around, it will make staffs jobs easier to go around picking up with pickers during events.

Submitted by Nicola Harrison

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Kudzai Muzangaza, President

Kudzai Muzangaza


This idea has not been authorised by the Union Chair or the Chair of the Board of Trustees due to financial risk. For the Students' Union to decant beverages into plastic cups at all night time events would be impractical both on a welfare perspective as well as a financial perspective. Firstly, if all beverages were to be decanted from plastic bottles there is an increased risk of spillages which would most likely increase slip hazards for students. Secondly, the Students' Union would have to invest considerable resource into ensuring there were enough plastic cups available to decant, which would have an adverse cost. For reference in the last academic year 136,427 VKs were sold. To decant this amount into plastic cups would be impractical and would require increased staff resourcing alongside increased costs for refuse/recycling collection.

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