Wellbeing Network

The Wellbeing Network is a network consisting of your Community Officer, and three groups existing to support the Vice President Wellbeing and Community.

The three groups within the network are ‘Mental Health’, ‘Physical Health’, and ‘Sexual Health’ and each group consists of Wellbeing Champions, who are led by a Lead Wellbeing Champion.

Alongside your Community Officer, these groups will work with the VP Wellbeing and Community, actively getting involved in campaigns and gathering student feedback. They will also assist in raising awareness of the services available to students, helping to improve the wellbeing and health of students both on and off campus.


Callum Roper - Community Officer

"I’m elected to represent students across our community and this year, with my committee I am going to be working to foster a flourishing community where we can all feel safe, take part in and have a meaningful impact. My role within your Students’ Union is to collect feedback from you, the students to make an impact on and off campus, so please let us know your experience as a University of Lincoln student and how we can support you!"

Meet the Committee

Ethan Day - Community Liaison
Christian Meadows - Housing Lead
Vacant - Secretary
Vacant - Publicity Lead
Vacant - Volunteering Lead

Email: [email protected] / Twitter: @community_ulsu / Instagram: @ulsu_community

Officer Reports

Mental Health

Megan Greaves - Mental Health Lead

"University does not come without its challenges and students should not feel as though they’ve no one or nowhere to turn to. Its time students started prioritising their mental health and improving their general wellbeing."

Email: [email protected] / Instagram: @ulsu_mentalhealth


Physical Health

Roshane Matthews - Physical Health Lead

"When the body is healthy, the mind is healthy. When physical health is maintained you can do anything you set your mind to."

Email: [email protected] / Instagram: @ulsu_mentalhealth


Sexual Health

Lucy Dunkerley - Sexual Health Lead

"Students should feel that their university is a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental space for them to prioritise their sexual health as part of their wider wellbeing."

Email: [email protected] / Instagram: @ulsu_sexualhealth


Become a Wellbeing Champion!

If you want to get involved and help to raise awareness of the services available to students, you can become a Wellbeing Champion.

Click below and join via the volunteering opportunity!