Work Ready

Introduced in 2016, Work Ready covers all the different ways that your Students' Union can help you develop your employability skills, and know how to use them when applying for jobs. 


How to gain Work Ready skills

Your Students' Union has dozens of ways to gain Work Ready skills. Not only will you automatically develop employable skills whilst running a society or nominating yourself for a Volunteer Officer or Student Leader role, but you can also get involved in any of our programmes and initiatives in the right-hand side bar to help improve your future prospects.


Work Ready will benefit you

Work Ready skills can, and will, improve your employability prospects when graduating from the University of Lincoln, helping you get the job you want.


You can contact your Work Ready team at



Sitting on an activities committee really helps you stand out when looking at opportunities after university. Being the President of Handball gave me a great talking point in a recent job interview, and I received an offer in an executive search firm in London with uncapped career potential.


Handball President, 2017/18
Being LGBT+ Officer has vastly improved my ability to plan and work with a team, whilst also developing my leadership skills. It also gives you an insight into how a large organisation like the SU is run which can be immensely impressive to an employer and shows you have many more skills beyond your degree.

Matthew Gilbert, LGBT+ Officer

2nd Year, Biomedical Science