Freedom of Information

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union has a policy of not replying to any Freedom of Information requests.

If you are a member of the Students’ Union, please contact the relevant Sabbatical officer. Information can be found on the Leaders & Officers page of the website. For non-member enquiries please contact [email protected]

All University of Lincoln students are automatically members of Lincoln Students’ Union unless they choose to opt out of membership during enrolment to the University. The Union has its own constitution and fficers which are separate from the University of Lincoln. The University of Lincoln has certain responsibilities for the Students' Union under the Union's constitution and under the Education Act 1994, however, the Students' Union, and its associated trading subsidiaries, are separate legal entities from the University of Lincoln.

This has implications for the position of the Students' Union in relation to Freedom of Information:

  • As an incorporated, limited by guarantee company and a registered charity, the Students' Union is not a "public authority" in the sense of the Freedom of Information Act. The Freedom of Information Act allows access to information held by a Public Authority, therefore records that the Student Union hold are not subject to the Act. It is also unlikely that the Union would be considered to be covered by the Environmental Information Regulations (the definition of a "public authority" in the Regulations is broader and vaguer than that in the Freedom of Information Act).
  • Records which the University of Lincoln holds about the Students' Union, including communications with the Union and information provided to the University by the Students' Union, are covered by the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations, and can be requested.

In cases where FOI requests are made to the parent institution (University of Lincoln).  The University may consult with the Students' Union in all cases where a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information request may involve the disclosure of information which was provided to the University by the Union, or where the disclosure may affect the commercial interests of the Union. However, the ultimate legal responsibility for deciding whether or not to release the information requested of the University, rests with the University.

The Students' Union is also separately responsible for ensuring that it complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.