Our Strategy is based on feedback from you, our members, and is guided by our vision, mission and values. Our current Strategy covers five academic years (2016-21) and focuses on the areas you told us were important to you.

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Our Vision

Is to be a Students' Union where every Lincoln student has a great experience and is encouraged and assisted to fulfill their potential both at University and in life.


Our Mission

We will be an independent, democratic, membership organisation, working in partnership with the University of Lincoln to ensure that our members' voices are heard, amplified and acted upon.

We will be an important part of shaping and developing our students' academic, social, sporting and working life by providing services, advice , support and representation to all that need it, so that our students can be work ready when they graduate.


Our Values

We promise that the way that we do things will live up to the values which students have told us we should operate by.


We are...

Strong. Quality. Dynamic. Approachable. Nurturing. Honest.