At the University of Lincoln Students' Union we have two types of policies; student and statutory.

If you would like more information on the differences between these policies we have provided a short explanation of each one.


Student Policies

Student Policies are specific to Lincoln and are made by the members of the Students' Union. Policies tend to identify issues and offer ideas on how to solve the issue; whether it be specific to the Union, University or community. Once they are passed, the Union will work to implement your idea. These policies last for three years if no time is stipulated or if a more recent policy supercedes it. For an idea to become a policy it must be passed by Student Council and the Board of Trustees. An All Student Meeting or a referendum can also pass a policy. If you have any ideas on how to improve theUnion or your experience in Lincoln please visit our SUggestions page.


Statutory Policies

Statutory Policies are rules we have to have permanently to help us mange the Students' Union as a charity. These policies are the responsibility of the trustee board and have no time limit. They are reviewed and updated regularly.

Student Policies:


25th April

Access to SU Financial Spending Information

Building Links Between the University and Lincoln Entrepreneurs

Fair Conditions for Postgraduate Students with Teaching Responsibilities

Proposal to Change the Title of the Vice President Academic Affairs

Student Carers



16th October

Free Speech

Free Higher Education

Mental Health First Aid

To Let Signs

Voter Registration



1st February

Motion to Stand Up for Student Survivors (#standbyme)



2nd November

Mental Health Rep on DSG Committee

Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free

5th October

Housing Accreditation Scheme Preferendum

20th April

No V on my VAT

16th March

The Chair of Sabbatical Question Time to be Ratified by Council

Caution Against Voting Members of Council who Miss Two Council Meetings Without Apologies

Caution Against Council Members not Submitting Reports on Time

No Platform to Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment


Statutory Policies

Student Employment Policy

Election of Student Volunteers Policy

External Speakers Policy

Safe Space Policy

Disciplinary Procedure

Political Activity Policy

ULSU Guidance on Political Activity of SU's

Campaigning Policy

Volunteering Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy


Finance Policies

Finance Regulations Doc 2.2


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