Staff Team

Senior Management

James Brooks image

James Brooks

Chief Executive
Hannah Coleman image

Hannah Coleman

Deputy Chief Executive
Danielle Pepper image

Danielle Pepper

Head of Finance
David Andrews image

David Andrews

Head of Commercial Operations
Jennifer Barnes image

Jennifer Barnes

Head of Student Voice and Insight
Michael Redpath image

Michael Redpath

Head of Events and Marketing


Alan Bage image

Alan Bage

IT and Data Manager
Andrew Bruton image

Andrew Bruton

Graphic Designer
Ayesha Gore image

Ayesha Gore

Administrative Assistant
Ben Tindall image

Ben Tindall

Senior Software Developer
Charlotte Hayward image

Charlotte Hayward

Chris Braithwaite image

Chris Braithwaite

Marketing Assistant
Clare Harris image

Clare Harris

Assistant Finance Manager
Craig Clay image

Craig Clay

Junior Software Developer
Daniel Norris image

Daniel Norris

Graphic Designer
Emily Stow image

Emily Stow

Insight and Research Co-ordinator
Gemma Smart image

Gemma Smart

Assistant Marketing and Communications Manager
Holly Millar image

Holly Millar

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive
Janine lake image

Janine lake

Accounts Assistant
Joe Henson image

Joe Henson

Software Developer
Joe Bocock image

Joe Bocock

Junior Software Developer (Maintenance)
Megan Graham image

Megan Graham

HR Manager
Mihaela-Raluca Tabacu image

Mihaela-Raluca Tabacu

Junior Software Developer (Maintenance)
Rebecca Doig image

Rebecca Doig

Digital Communications Co-ordinator
Sam Bass image

Sam Bass

HR Assistant
Sam Cowdroy image

Sam Cowdroy

Junior Software Developer (Data & Infrastructure)
Shanna Limm image

Shanna Limm

Union Administrator
Sophia Berladyn image

Sophia Berladyn

Finance Assistant
Yvonne Thompson image

Yvonne Thompson

Marketing & Communications Manager

Membership Services

Amy O'Sullivan image

Amy O'Sullivan

Student Voice Co-ordinator
Bethany Allen image

Bethany Allen

Student Voice Manager
Charlotte Cowdell image

Charlotte Cowdell

Assistant Advice Centre Manager
Currently Vacant image

Currently Vacant

Advice Centre Advisor
Currently Vacant image

Currently Vacant

Advice Centre Advisor
Elizabeth Smy image

Elizabeth Smy

Representation & Governance Coordinator
Emily Baldwin image

Emily Baldwin

Activities Manager
Jane Kilby image

Jane Kilby

Employability and Campaigns Manager
Jessica Skill image

Jessica Skill

Societies Assistant
Kayleigh Teague image

Kayleigh Teague

Assistant Campaigns Manager
May Loonam image

May Loonam

Employability Opportunities Co-ordinator
Rebecca Siefers image

Rebecca Siefers

BUCS Sports Assistant
Sophie Carney image

Sophie Carney

Advice Centre Manager
Steven Dovey image

Steven Dovey

Social Sports Assistant

The Swan

Currently Vacant image

Currently Vacant

The Swan Supervisor
Danielle Marsden image

Danielle Marsden

The Swan Manager
Danny Austick image

Danny Austick

The Swan Assistant Manager
Mary-Jane Curtin-Philip image

Mary-Jane Curtin-Philip

The Swan Supervisor

Engine Shed / Tower Bar

Astonia Dixon image

Astonia Dixon

Callum Smith image

Callum Smith

Sound and Light Technician
Calum Dewane Bayford image

Calum Dewane Bayford

Sound and Light Technician
Cameron Smith image

Cameron Smith

Tower Bar Supervisor
Connie Jarvis image

Connie Jarvis

Events Co-ordinator
Daniel Stocks image

Daniel Stocks

Engine Shed Manager
Dominic Wilson image

Dominic Wilson

Events & Hospitality Manager
Fran Farrell image

Fran Farrell

Facilities Coordinator
Katherine Campbell image

Katherine Campbell

Technical Co-ordinator
Luke Maxwell image

Luke Maxwell

Technical Manager
Matthew Venis image

Matthew Venis

Assistant Engine Shed Manager
Nathan Bradley image

Nathan Bradley

Nick Percy image

Nick Percy

Engine Shed Supervisor
Sarah Whitney image

Sarah Whitney

Tower Bar Manager
Stephen Leavy image

Stephen Leavy

Assistant Tower Bars Manager
Vikki Quincey image

Vikki Quincey

Vini Babinski image

Vini Babinski

Tower Bar Supervisor
Zephan Simpson image

Zephan Simpson


The Barge

Andre Costa image

Andre Costa

The Barge Supervisor
Francis Codona image

Francis Codona

The Barge Assistant Manager
Joe Hill image

Joe Hill

The Barge Supervisor
Jonny Clamp image

Jonny Clamp

The Barge Manager


Daniel Foster image

Daniel Foster

Chef (Tower Bars/Engine Shed)
Gavin Shields image

Gavin Shields

Executive Chef
Kieran Burge image

Kieran Burge

Chef (Tower Bars/Engine Shed)
Stephanie Roberts image

Stephanie Roberts

Chef at the Swan

Staff Structure